Thursday, November 29, 2007

unsubscribe from human rights abuse in the war on terror

I do not like nor will I tolerate human rights abuse and so I've joined up with other people, like me, who don't like or tolerate it either.

As I read how our elected officials condone and permit acts of torture, like waterboarding, I get angry. I've decided that I cannot just stand by and do nothing about it. I feel compelled, at the very least, to join other voices with the hope that our combined voice will be loud enough to end torture and the war of terror.

Whether it's withholding basic necessities such as food and water from the people living in Gaza or torturing prisoners in Guantanamo it's all torture and the nations and countries perpetuating it are the terrorists.

I am ASHAMED to be an American these days and I don't like that I am a part of these shameful and despicable activities merely because I am an American. It's time change happened and it needs to happen now!

If you feel the same way I encourage you to join also. Let your voice be heard! Let your elected officials know that we aren't going to take it anymore and that torture is inhumane and it must stop!

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