Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Law Enforcement Trying to Scare and Mind-Control U.S. Citizens

PLEASE PLEASE do not buy or be sold into this bullshit! This is mind manipulation activity! The U.S. is not infiltrated by terrorists and they are not out to kill you! D.H.S. and U.S. government agencies are trying to mind manipulate you! THIS IS BULLSHIT!

AGAIN, THIS IS BULLSHIT! If law enforcement agencies pull this on you in your town, city or state DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! Please!
Communicate this information to your friends and neighbors! Do not let law enforcement agencies scare or intimidate you into believing that the "war on terror" or terrorists are REAL. IT IS BULLSHIT.
Notice how they are changing talking about our country to the "homeland" - everything is now the "homeland". This is all mind manipulation.

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1 comment:

4the_revolution said...

Pretty good stuff Mum.

I finally posted on this blog. About Border Patrol. Yes, I stole it from you. I did some research. Feel free to elaborate (just give credit where due). :P

I'll tell you about it tomorrow no doubt.

- 4the_Revolution