Sunday, January 13, 2008

Learn About Chemtrails

Chemtrails... There is lots of discussion as to whether or not they are 'real'. However, I've seen them myself and I KNOW what a contrail looks like and what I saw was NOT a contrail. In fact, the first time I saw them I was amazed and nearly pulled over on the the highway to watch. I also wondered who I should call to report them because I knew it was NOT normal sky or plane activity. After a time I learned about chemtrails and BINGO it was what I saw that day on the highway. So I believe they are very real and that something of a very suspicious nature is happening in our skies. Look up, pay attention!

If you are not familiar with chemtrails you should get familiar with them and then let other people know about them too. I've included a handful of sites here to begin your education process plus a debunker's site (it is only fair to present both sides of the story).

Here are just a few videos - one from Austin, TX, one from New Orleans, LA and one from England showing chemtrail activity. In the one from England he even shows you how the chemtrail activity looks from satellite:

Chemtrail Information Sites:

Chemtrail Central

Educate Yourself: Chemtrails

Chemtrails Data Page

Aerosol Operation Crimes and Cover-up

Conspiracy Planet: Chemtrails

Chemtrails: Hall of Shame

Chemtrails: What They Are and What We Know About Them

Chemtrails 911

Debunker Site:

New Mexicans for Science and Reason

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