Thursday, January 17, 2008

UFO Sightings

What are these craft that John Lenard Walson is photographing in our atmosphere? Why are they here?

More pictures and videos from John: Strange Things Above: Mystery Machines of John Walson

What is the craft that Texans have been seeing over Stephenville and surrounding areas in the last few weeks? And why is it flying low enough for people to see it?
UFO fever sweeps Texan town

Why has Texas been the latest 'hotspot' for UFO sightings? Four New Sighting Reports from Texas

Are there more area's where sightings are happening and the news isn't getting out or people aren't reporting them?

If you see one you can report it here: The National UFO Reporting Center
For researching information check out this site: UFO Evidence

Don't keep your heads down to the ground - look up! Not all the stars are stars!

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