Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's on Your Dinner Plate? Genetically Engineered Foods

The American public is not being told enough about genetically engineered (GE) and genetically engineered and modified (GEmo) food that is on U.S. grocery shelves for consumer consumption. This includes everything from products in your breakfast cereal to fresh vegetables to what the cows are being fed that provide the milk that you are drinking.

In fact, genetically engineered and modified foods ARE NOT labeled in the United States because consumers stated that they would not buy foods that were GE or GEmo if so labeled. So the product is not labeled! YOU ARE BEING DECEIVED AND LIED TO YET AGAIN!

You need to learn more about GE/GEmo because this stuff is on and has been on U.S. grocery shelves for several years - without your consent and knowledge! Like the U.S. Government needs that any more...

>You need to understand what GE and GEmo foods are all about.
- The dangers to you and your family.
- The dangers to the environment.
- The problems being caused to local farmers by corporations and GE/GEmo.

>Know which corporations are NOT selling GE and GEmo foods so you can support them and eat healthy food products.

Check out the following two links as a start in your learning process:

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