Thursday, December 6, 2007

CIA Destroys Interrogation Tapes

This is great...

According to the CIA director Michael Hayden, the CIA destroyed videotapes of interrogations of Al Qaeda suspects because they no longer had any "intelligence value" and they posed a security risk. The tapes were made in 2002 and destroyed in 2005.

Okay now Al Qaeda is supposed to be the bad guys, right? And we, us Americans, are supposed to be the good guys, right? So how come the CIA can destroy the videos without penalty (well, it's "troubling") but yet we have to keep reams of paper, for years, in cardboard boxes just in case the IRS audits us, when in fact, we really don't even have to pay taxes in the first place?

It's a very fair and balanced system that we have here in the United States but in the wrong direction. Love and take care of your enemies and fuck your people.

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