Sunday, December 2, 2007

Video: Pinellas County Straw Poll: The Results Will Surprise You...

Romney - 893
Paul - 534
Giuliani - 39
Huckabee - 37
Thompson - 21
McCain - 12
Hunter - 4
Keyes - 2
Tancredo - 1

There were 1200 tickets printed up for the straw poll in Pinellas County, Florida. Also, keep in mind, there were about 200 tickets left over from the original 1200 sold.

However, more votes were cast than tickets printed... Total number of votes above is 1543.

At the polls:
Voters complained that when they voted for Ron Paul their vote would show on the screen for Mitt Romney. They were concerned about confirming their vote as they couldn't retract their vote and when they solicited assistance people shrugged them off...

After the voting:
One of the committee members, Sophie, called the chairman of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, Tony DiMatteo, to complain of multiple votes being taken by one person, the problems with the e-voting machines and that even children were voting in the straw poll. Mr. DiMatteo's response was, "It's too bad for you, and if you start any trouble you will be hurt."

In the video some of the REC members, including Sophie, talk about what happened during the straw poll:

This is our America now, folks. Raw and uncensored. CORRUPT! No morales! Degrading quickly!

Is this REALLY what we want our country to be like??????

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