Sunday, December 9, 2007

DHS: Its Got Its Eye on You

DHS Student and Alumni Newsletter for December 2007

Beware anti-abortionists, followers of the Odinist faith, anti-tax protesters, and fierce God-fearing Christians! Christians? Yes, Christians! You're all classified as right-wing terrorists the same as the KKK and neo-Nazi groups!

The Department of Homeland Security is watching all of you. AND DHS is teaching its new recruits to watch you too.

Don't worry though.. Environmental, animal rights and conspiracy theory groups and individuals are DHS targets, as well.

All of these right-wing groups and individuals
"account for a significant percentage of criminal activity"
and are highly likely to commit homicides, at least according to DHS,
"One facet of right-wing groups’ actions is homicide. Current data shows they are responsible for more than 500 murders and more than 200 murder attempts since 1990."
Amazing statistics considering there are a billion people in the U.S. and that this little tidbit has no information to back it up so it could be made up! Sounds like this information is a bit stretched to me, using words like "significant"...

Anyways, here's some more info from the newsletter:

Classifications of domestic terror groups & members


Fierce nationalism, reverence of individual liberties, anti-global and anti-government beliefs. Some groups conduct paramilitary and survivalist training, adhere to conspiracy theories,
and think of themselves as a religion

Desire to end social class distinctions, associated with state-sponsorship, espionage and planning against U.S. government. May adhere to Marxist, Leninist or communist beliefs,
seeing force as a tool for removing an oppressive society.

Often seen as militancy linked with environmentalism,
animal rights and abortion. Members act on a perceived grievance or wrong attributed to government action or inaction. Threats, violence and the destruction of property are used.

Percentage of U.S. states with a far-right presence:
Neo-nazi: 92%
Racist Skinheads: 89%
Militias / Patriot groups: 89%
Freeman / Sovereign citizen: 87%
KKK: 73%
Christian Identity: 70%
Extreme Anti-tax groups: 67%
Extreme anti-immigration groups: 65%
Extreme anti-abortion groups: 62%
Odinists: 35%

But don't just believe me read it for yourself: DHS Newsletter

Soon it will be a police state and we won't be sitting here at our computers but in a cell in one of the Halliburton "camps". So hang on and get ready to ride... It's gonna be a bumpy one!

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