Saturday, December 15, 2007

Global Carbon Tax

It is not enough to look to the right and left when crossing the street any more (as Mr. Bill surely has pointed out to us!). You have to look up and down and all around as things are coming at you from all sides.

The push for a Global Carbon Tax is moving full steam ahead and this does not bode well. This tax is based on 'global warming' and the need to do something about it. Of course the need is being pushed down to the people... A Harvard student had something to say about this.

Well, the 'global warming' phenomenon is nothing but a fear mongering tactic. What is occurring around the world is natural climate change and there is data and information that proves it.

Scientists are indignant that 'global warming' is being toted around without evidence of any such real event happening. More than 100 have already signed and sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General asking him what their scientific basis is for global warming and questioning the logic and formulas. Other letters have been written calling 'global warming' nothing but a swindle.

Will we be forced to pay a carbon tax - carbon being the 4th most abundant element in the universe - in order to live? Are we all being set up to become so disseminated financially and broken humanly that we literally become slaves to a one World Order without a whimper? All for a hoax?

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