Saturday, December 29, 2007

Privatization Will be the Death of Us

We read more and more about the privatization of services - fire, police, electric, phone, sewage, and water. As the elitists drain the middle class pocketbook we become more reliant on charging on credit cards what we need to survive day-to-day. It became painfully obviously one day to me when just driving around I saw a bank that was advertising loans for groceries and gasoline. We need to wake up and fight back!

Here is another article on the government's steady march on to privatization, of water in this case, and how President Bush still insists that all these services should be paid for by the citizens of this country.

Turning Water into Gold

December 26, 2007

Though it's getting drenched this week (AJC), the city of Atlanta, Georgia, is running out of water (CNN). The city has suffered from an ongoing drought, but officials also now admit their failure to act (LAT) on warnings of environmentalists and federal officials amid “years of recent explosive growth.” Facing a problem of emergency proportions, Atlanta has earmarked $4 billion to upgrade water infrastructure, including water capacity. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution tracks the city's efforts to cope with the drought on its website.

Atlanta is not alone in its water problems (Economist). In a recent interview with, former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christine Todd Whitman said the United States needs to invest up to a trillion dollars for water infrastructure. The Bush administration believes U.S. drinking and wastewater projects should use private bonds (PDF). Water issues are among the few major policy victories the Democratic Congress has over the Bush administration. An example is last week’s decision to override a presidential veto (Times-Picayune) of the FY2008 bill funding U.S. flood control project. The water problem is becoming so urgent that communities, such Orange County, California, now look to recycled sewage (NYT) for drinking water.

Read the rest of the story here.

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