Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Distasteful "Journalism"

Faux Noise has this character, Greg Gutfeld, who posts blogs titled Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld. In his Wikipedia entry he calls himself an "American television personality, journalist, magazine editor and blogger." I've never heard of or seen him on television and I found it amusing that he lists blogging... And to call himself a journalist is stretching it quite a bit.

In one of his blogs from the Faux Noise site titled, Waterboarding: It's a Good Thing, he writes,

"waterboarding might be torture, but as long as people I hate also hate waterboarding, then I love it more than life itself. That's my recipe for life. If The New York Times, NPR, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and Hugo Chavez hate something, then it must be awesome. So I cherish waterboarding. I want to make it our national sport, our national bird. I want to make the waterboard the state flower of Vermont, instead of the Birkenstock."
Another one I checked out was a blog entry titled Who Deserves to Be Tasered? and it was filled with words of wisdom and showed a high regard for people, as well:
"I hate the word "bro."

"Hey bro, got a smoke?"

"Hey bro, can you spare a buck?"

"Hey bro, you're choking me."

Shut up. You are not my "bro" or "broheim" and if you insist on using that word you deserve death, bro!"

Same blog:
"The next time you come across some toad complaining that he can't leave for work without his iPod, show him this picture. Then stab him. You'll get off — this is America!"
I read through some of his other blogs and they are equally distasteful. He ends all his 'blogs' with "And that's my gut feeling!" and that is probably because he doesn't have a heart.

At least Faux Noise is consistent in hiring debased journalists, if you want to call it journalism...

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