Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

Republican Ron Paul pulled in over $6M on Sunday beating the last record set for a 24 hour period - that by John Kerry with $5.57M in 2004.

CNN is right about him being a candidate with "the least face time in mainstream media." No one even wants to acknowledge him!

MSM is still saying that he is "low in the polls" but, Dr. Paul contends that the polls aren't accurate and he has a large following. I'm an analyst and I know how numbers can be manipulated so that people see what they want to see!

Dr. Paul was a little concerned (though not surprised) that MSM is placing more focus on how much MONEY he raises than on the policies that he proposes...
"It looks to me like money talks, and I like to say ideas talk ... [and that it's] my position on foreign policy and the monetary system that should have gotten the attention of the media."
That's right! It's too bad the focus is on MONEY but isn't it ALL about POWER, OIL and MONEY now?

With Dr. Paul's attitude, policies and integrity he can help get this country back to what it once was and the people behind Dr. Paul believe he can get it there too. As many are saying it's a Ron Paul rEVOLution!

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