Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Cost of War in Jobs

At the Pentagon 100,000 pending furlough notices were sent to civilian military personnel Friday as money is sought and freed up to fund the cost of the war as demanded by Bush and company.

Notices also went to all U.S. Army command facilities and those overseas with civilian employees and contractors. U.S. Marine Corps commanders were put on alert that they could be affected within 3 months.

As the Democrats and Republicans continue to point fingers at each other and the Republicans blatantly stop everything that the Democrats attempt to do, things are a totally disaster in Washington D.C. Disarray abounds and is being felt in all sectors.

The sagging economy is affecting all facets of business and in the last two weeks 33,750 Americans have been given notice or are on the brink of being laid off and looking for work:

Washington Mutual (WaMu) 3300;
Bristol-Myers Squibb 4800;
Dow Chemical 1000;
Auto Industry 24,000+;
Bear Stearns 650.

Job Losses and Gains/Private Sector/50-99 Employees

Job Losses and Gains/Private Sector/1000+ Employees

Charts from Bureau of Labor Statistics

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