Friday, December 14, 2007

Torture Okay - Just Get Over It???

Remember the adage that you get more with honey than with vinegar? I've often used that approach successfully with people throughout my working career to gain what I needed from others to get a job done.

The honey method is a slow technique but very effective with a 100% success rate. Every ill-tempered, uncontrollable, non-conforming, unapproachable, non-team player that I've worked with has done a 180 switcharoo when this method has been employed.

In exchange I got dedicated workers, people who would work long hours, overtime, weekends, when I needed them, on their days off, quality work, work done on time-every time, punctual and committed workers, etc. Whatever I needed to get the job done they were Johnny or Janey on-the-spot. I gave them an inch they gave me a yard; I thought it was a great trade-off.

My success rate has brought me: babies named after me, various gifts, letters received years later thanking me for taking the time and having the patience to hear them out, listen to them, work with them, help them get their lives together, their careers on a path, and so on... Very gratifying. None of the gifts were expensive or outrageous but I'm not looking for things like that. It's gratification of the heart.

So if honey is better than vinegar to gain what you need how can people feel that torture is okay and that we should condone it? Has everyone sold their soul to the devil?

Yesterday Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt was asked if Americans were the type not to resort to torture, such as water boarding, and he stated, ""First of all, I don't think we are. I think if we are, we shouldn't be. We're in a war with people who aren't...good men have to know how to do bad things to do good."


I won't buy into this. You shouldn't buy into this. It's a crock of shit. Just more propaganda and lies. And if you do buy into this crock of shit you're just selling yourself on a boat ride down the River Styx to the deepest bowels of hell... It is unacceptable to commit crimes against other people. Period.

Again, I UNSUBSCRIBED from the fabricated and real aspects of the 'war on terror' and I think it is sorry ass crap that torture is portrayed that it is 'OKAY' and that we should condone it.

It is not OKAY.

Torture is torture and all forms of it are unacceptable! Do not let people tell you it is alright and we should do it! Say NO to torture!

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